Board & Staff

The CNACC is governed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of 15 volunteers who are members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Chair, Ian Forster                                                  Director, Dinah Wilson                
BARE Contracting                                                   Dinah's Decor

Vice Chair, Denise Livingstone                            Director, Emmett Yeo
The Cricket's Handbag                                             Emmett Yeo Contracting

Treasurer, Audrey Beck                                         Director, Joe McCool
Abeck Accounting                                                     Keji Planners

Secretary, Barbara Lee Young                               Director, Paul Reed
Residents of Rosedale                                               Reed Forestry

Director, Ann Hayter                                             Director, Carolyn Traynor
4 Mile Lake Association                                           A Zebra of a Different Stripe

Director, Brian Bartley                                          Director, Alison Koch
Maple Ridge Farm                                                    Koch Construction

Director, Dean Michel                                          Director, Miriam Bartley Realty                                             Maple Ridge Farm (Laxton)                                        

Director, Nancy Dollin
Coboconk Go-Karts & Ice Cream


The CNACC Board of Directors is currently supported by one part-time staff person:

Jennifer Wilson, General Manager

The Coboconk, Norland and Area Chamber of Commerce is governed by a set of by-laws under which the organization is registered with Industry Canada.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the CNACC's activities or for what's happening in the community.