New Wellness Centre to Serve Northern Kawartha Lakes Communities

Strengthening Community

The new Wellness Centre will be a hub for community health and community space for the under-served northern areas of Kawartha Lakes. By renovating and expanding the historic Train Station building in Coboconk, the Centre will offer more doctors and after-hours care, along with dental, physio, and many more services while preserving an important piece of our area’s history. 


The Wellness Centre will have a long-term impact on the health of our communities and will act as a lever for new economic growth in our area.

​By providing space for these services below, the needs of people in this area will be better served and the strain on current health care services offered in Lindsay and Minden will be alleviated:

  • more primary care physicians/nurse practitioners
  • much needed after-hours care
  • chiropractic and physiotherapy services
  • blood lab
  • dental services
  • mental health supports
  • home and community care services
  • pre & post-operative care
  • community gathering spaces
  • and more!

Progress So Far…

Site Work:

In 2020, a Feasibility Study for the Wellness Centre was presented to City Council outlining the gaps in care and services for people in the northern area of the municipality, a survey of possible locations, the health and economic benefits of the Wellness Centre, and design concepts for the building, with unanimous support from Council.

Site preparation activities are underway in order to be shovel-ready later this year.

Funding Commitments:

The Wellness Centre project is an opportunity for all levels of government and the community to work together to improve the lives of those living in and visiting our rural area. 

We are using a multi-tiered approach to securing our target of $7 million.  We are pursuing provincial and federal commitments totalling $4.5 million.  We are excited to confirm that the municipality of Kawartha Lakes has committed $1.5 million. 

Make Your Mark!

As a community, we are committed to raising $1 million to make the Wellness Centre a reality…and that’s where YOU come in!

By making a donation to the Wellness Centre, you will help to bring much-needed health and wellness services to our area, help more seniors stay in their homes for longer, encourage more families to join our community, foster more investment, and bring more good jobs to the area.

There are a few options available to sponsor a particular area or room of the Wellness Centre to commemorate a beloved person or place.

Donations of securities and legacy gifts are also welcome.

To make a donation:

or by Cheque: Coboconk Medical Centre Trust (Wellness Centre), Box 281, Coboconk, ON  K0M 1K0

Want to read the feasbility report? Click here!

For the most up-to-date information, check the Wellness Centre's new website! 



Previous Updates about the Wellness Centre:

Wellness Centre Update

We are one more step closer to building a Wellness Centre to serve the needs of people in the northern areas of Kawartha Lakes!

On June 9, 2020, the Chamber presented the Feasibility Study for the Wellness Centre in Coboconk to City Council and we wanted to give you a quick update on the result of that presentation.

The City funded Feasibility Study was received by Council with thanks to the Chamber for preparing it. Council referred the Study to staff for their review and input during the third quarter, so it can be included in the budget process for 2021.

With the Feasibility Study now completed, we can turn our attention to securing the provincial and federal grant funding we are seeking. We can also begin to raise funds locally! The Wellness Centre project is going to have a long term impact on our community - not just for our health and well-being, but also with construction jobs, good-paying year-round jobs once it is built, and a positive impact on our local businesses too!

We will be bringing you some news this summer about ways to get involved in supporting the new Wellness Centre, but in the meantime, if you have ideas or you would like to organize a fundraiser to benefit the Wellness Centre, please get in touch with us. We have already heard from a few groups who are ready to pitch in to help get this Wellness Centre built, but it is going to take a lot of effort and you know the saying: Many hands make light work! Let's work together to make this project a reality!

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you to the community - we had more than 150 people attend the Community Meetings for the Wellness Centre, more than 450 responded to the Community Health Needs Survey letting us know your needs and wants, businesses and our local doctor who have shown their enthusiasm for the project, and a wonderful core team of volunteers who have spent countless hours getting this project to this point.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas about how to make this project a reality!



What is this project?

The concept is to renovate and expand the Coboconk Train Station building, preserving that significant piece of Coboconk history, and building space for 2-3 doctors, walk-in clinic hours, a dentist, and other complementary practitioners such as seniors foot care, massage, physio and chiropractic care. Expanded space through new construction, new parking, and better road access are all part of the new plans.           

Why Does Coboconk Need a Wellness Centre?

There has been a long-time perception of the community that there are not enough health services in the northern area of Kawartha Lakes.  Although the community of Coboconk is very grateful to have a long-time family doctor, there are many who are still without a family doctor both in Coboconk and in its surrounding communities.  No after-hours care exists in the north, and the need for this has been heard clearly. The nearest hospitals are 30-60 minutes away, and their emergency departments report high levels of patients utilising emergency department services for non-emergencies.

Given the fact that the original Coboconk Medical Centre building was shut down 4 years ago due to a compromised foundation and the family doctor was moved into a temporary portable building until a solution was found, it is clear that a more permanent solution is needed for health services in the north.


What has the CNACC Been Doing to Make this Happen?

The Coboconk, Norland & Area Chamber of Commerce (CNACC) spear-headed an initiative to find the best possible solution for both the community and the municipality.  After a deputation to City Council in September of 2018 presenting the issue, Council requested that the Chamber conduct a feasibility report and provided City funds for this purpose.  A Feasibility Report has recently been completed and is the result of 18 months of community consultation, primary data collection, research on the gaps in care according to the MOHLTC, site evaluations, and building concept design.


Objectives of the Feasibility Report

To determine:
Health service gaps of our community;
If, and/or how a wellness centre offering primary care and allied professional care could address service gaps and increase the efficiency of the current system;
A model for a wellness centre based on perceived gaps and provincial trends in care;
Potential services and the level of interest of doctors and allied health professionals in participating in the wellness centre health services delivery model and;
The feasibility of a wellness centre, including the physical design of the facility, construction costs and the operating costs. 

Vision of the Wellness Centre

To provide quality medical and wellness services to the residents and visitors of the City of Kawartha Lakes, Ward One by establishing a permanent wellness centre in the historic Coboconk Train Station.  The Wellness Centre will provide a hub for community health that will bring increased access to conventional medicine and allied health care services, as well as community organizations in an underserved geographic area. 
By providing space for more primary care physicians and nurse practitioners, much needed after-hours care, mental health supports, blood lab, dental services, home and community care services, pre & post-operative care, chiropractic and physiotherapy services, the needs of people in this area will be better served and will help to alleviate the strain on current health care services offered in Lindsay and  Minden. The number of people in this area without a local family doctor is significantly higher than the provincial average, and these residents must drive a minimum of 30 minutes to the nearest hospital and/or after-hours care clinic.

Key Conclusions

1. There is a Gap In Care - There is a gap in health care services in the northern area of Kawartha Lakes. The family doctor in Coboconk is doing all he can to help the people, but does not have the capacity to address the gap in care.  With no rural transit available, a larger than provincial average population of seniors, and a larger than provincial average of people earning a lower income, a local health services centre is greatly needed.
2. Impact on Emergency Departments - Given that the local family doctor is over-capacity, and that there are no after-care services available in the area, the nearest emergency departments are being accessed for non-emergency health care services. By adding to the burden of the nearest emergency departments for non-emergencies, resources at those emergency departments are being diverted from their needed focus on emergencies – an issue always, but even more so in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the forecast for future similar situations.
3. Recommended Site - The City-owned historic Coboconk Train Station building and surrounding property is a community facility but currently under-utilised.  This site provides the opportunity to renovate the historic building, and expand its footprint with new construction to continue its community meeting use, while also housing a hub for health care and wellness services for those in the northern area of Kawartha Lakes. It has a high walk-ability score, and will bring people into the Coboconk community for their health care services.
4. Key Partnerships Indicate Success - Key partnerships with the community, the municipality, and the Kawartha Lakes Health Care Initiative (KLHCI) – who is mandated with the retention and recruitment of family doctors in Kawartha Lakes – are strengths indicating a high rate of success that this project will reach its goal of providing quality, year-round health care and wellness services to the northern communities.
5. Opportunity for Seniors Housing - The community has been very clear that there is a great need for seniors housing.  The size and configuration of the Train Station site provides the opportunity for private developers/investors to build seniors housing, along with respite and hospice services.  There are currently 2 developers who have indicated interest in the site for these purposes. People are excited about this possibility!
6. High Economic Benefit - The Wellness Centre will generate significant economic benefits for the community and also the municipality as a whole.  Not only will the Wellness Centre create jobs during renovation and construction, there will be a maintained positive economic impact as new doctors and other practitioners, support staff, and community organizations are engaged, and new residents and families find it an attractive place to settle with good access to medical care.  Apart from the positive impact on the people of our communities, the documented economic impact of having a doctor in a community is significant. The Kawartha Lakes Health Care Initiative estimates approximately $500,000 - $1,000,000 in economic development/year/physician in a community.  
Overall, the Wellness Centre will result in:
good quality, year-round jobs;
retention of seniors in our community;
attraction of new retirees as well as families and professionals;
attraction of new investment and;
long term positive impact on local businesses.
7. A Spark for Economic Recovery amid COVID-19 -  Given the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wellness Centre project represents a key opportunity to spark economic activity and prosperity in Kawartha Lakes – both short term construction jobs, and long term good quality, year-round jobs.
Overall, there are many benefits that will emerge through the construction of a Wellness Centre in Coboconk.  Most significant are these: 
An innovative, well-designed facility that will attract doctors and practitioners to serve the needs of permanent and seasonal residents in the northern area of the Kawartha Lakes – a Ministry of Health designated under-served area.
The Wellness Centre will be part of a long-term strategy post-COVID-19 to ensure that the strain of dealing with non-emergencies in our local Emergency Departments is alleviated, allowing Emergency Departments to focus on the pandemic or emergency.
The Wellness Centre will serve as a lever to significant economic development in the area, benefiting local business, residents, tourists, and the municipality.

Want to get involved in a project that will help to serve the needs of the northern parts of Kawartha Lakes and bring more jobs and economic activity to our area?  Email or call 705-454-1110.  We would love to hear from you! 

Want more info? Here are a few resources we can share with you so far:

PDF icon Slide Presentation: July 2019 Community Meetings 

Want to know more about the history of the Train Station and the village of Coboconk?

More Info to Come...stay tuned!