Beautiful New Docks in Coby & Norland!
Beautiful New Docks in Coby & Norland!

We are almost there….

 Have you noticed the big, beautiful new dock at Mill Pond in Coboconk? 

 It makes a statement that our community is serious about improving the recreational and business opportunities for our residents, business owners, and tourists.  And it is one of several projects underway right now!

The Coboconk, Norland & Area Chamber of Commerce has been working hard to find funding and partners to begin implementing the new Downtown Revitalization Strategic Plan that was recently accepted by Council this past Spring.

Our first project is the renovation and construction of multiple public boat docks and ramps in Coboconk and Norland. The goal of this project is to improve safe access to our lakes and rivers and provide a functional and attractive way to bring seasonal residents, residents, and tourists into the downtowns by boat. With safe and attractive docking, there is also an opportunity for new recreation businesses to start up.

The locations of the new and improved docks include: Coboconk Lions Park, Coboconk's Mill Pond, Riverside Park, as well as the Norland boat ramp and dock on Government Dock Road.   

We have been successful in bringing several partners to the table for this project, including:  the Canada’s Fresh Water Summit Organizing Committee who have committed $10,000 to the project, and the Shadow Lakes Association who have committed $2500 to enhanced docking opportunities coming from Shadow Lakes into Coboconk (Mill Pond).  Riverside Inn has committed support to the dock in Riverside Park. We are pleased to also partner with the City of Kawartha Lakes to improve these City properties: Council approved budget to renovate the boat launch in Norland in this year's budget, and CKL has also committed approximately $19,000 in 50/50 Capital Funding for the docks.  In order to maximize the impact of the CKL funds, the Chamber has worked to leverage these dollars with a grant for $32,000 from the Eastern Ontario Development Program and the Kawartha Lakes CFDC.   

This is a $125,000 project and we are almost to our goal…we only need $8000 more to reach our target and complete all the projects.  Would you like to get involved?  Call us to talk about how you can help and our recognition opportunities.

Thank you to all partners for your support of this project!  


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